Description of the company

Plan B Group is a Canarian organisation devoted to projectsfor public and private organisations in the sphere ofconsultancy, innovation and training, with values relatedwith involvement, growth, closeness and a smile. Since2015, they have been evaluating European projects such asHorizonte 2020, for the European Union.

They have a presence on Tenerife and Gran Canaria (Spain) andin Praia (Cape Verde). This group of young, restless and creativeprofessionals have worked with over 300 organisations since theyear 2006 to give them added value and, above all, a global andinnovative strategic vision. Sharing knowledge and transferringexperience is one of the marks that Plan B Group supplies toeach of the projects on which it works. For this purpose,the organisation has been in constant contact with university andresearch centres, whether national or international, since itwas set up.

The mission concentrates on providing value to organisations byimproving their processes with a high-quality service andcompetitive prices with the aim of achieving improvements inproductivity. Foremost among its customers are the EuropeanUnion, the Governments of the Canarias, the Azores, Madeiraand Cape Verde as well as such companies of national andinternational significance as Sistema, Binter, SEUR, the CanaryIslands Technological Institute or the Canarian AstrophysicalInstitute, among others.

Areas of activity

  • A consultancy of management systems:Rules based on the ISO standard are implemented.From the widely-accepted ISO 9001 for quality, ISO14001 for environmental management, or ISO 45001for health and safety at work, to specific regulations ofsocial responsibility, supply chains 

    or food safety.

  • Consultancy on business finance:

    Different European programmes are coordinated,executed and evaluated, fundamentally those relatedwith Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Interreg MAC orCOSME among many others.

  • Innovation services: Diagnostic services specialisingin innovation potential and the conduct of technologicalvigilance and competitive intelligence platformsare offered.

  • Training services: Through the personalised designof projects which are imparted face to face or ontraining platforms which are set up specifically forthe customers.

International experience

List of countries:

  • Cape Verde

  • Honduras

  • Mauritania

  • Paraguay

  • Portugal

Most significant projects

Implantation of quality and food safety systems in Mauritania

During these two years, they have worked with privatecompanies from the agricultural, maritime and fishing sectorsin Mauritania to implement the international ISO 9001standards for quality management systems and the IFSstandard on Food Safety in the regions of Nouakchott andNouadhibou. This certification has allowed these companieswith Portuguese, French and Algerian capital to export theirproducts to the European market. They have collaboratedwith Spain's commercial offices in the country. 

Customer: Private companies

Country: Mauritania.

Amount: 100.000 €

Date of completion: 2016.

Design of the innovation ecosystem in Cape Verde throughtraining, consultancy, development and coordination ofprojects of R&D&i.

For two years, they have worked with different local publicand private bodies as well as the University of Cape Verde inthe development of the innovation ecosystem in the country,by means of training activities on the islands of Santiago,San Vicente and San Antonio. Furthermore, projects ofdiagnosis of innovation and competitiveness have beencarried out with over 30 multi-sectorial SMEs, which has ledto an improvement in productivity and competitivenessin the country.

Customer: Public and private local bodies

Country: Cape Verde.

Amount: Between 100.000 and 300.000 €

Date of completion:  Under way.

Design, execution and coordination of different projectsin Portugal in the sphere of tourism and of institutional R&D&i strategy.

Different projects have been designed, are being carried outand are being coordinated in the sphere of tourism and ofinstitutional R&D&i strategy with different agents in thebusiness, social, research and educational sectors in theareas of the Azores and Madeira (Portugal). 

Customer: Companies in the tourist sector

Country: Portugal

Amount: Entre 500.000 €

Date of completion: Under way



  Calle Dr. Antonio González, 27, 38204 San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (España)

Persona de contacto: Alberto Santana

 +34 902 810 080
    +34 666 909 428