Tenerife Licita seeks alliances with Colombia to tackle projects in Latin America

  • The Councilor for External Action of the Cabildo, Delia Herrera, met this week with members of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities.  

The Cabildo, through the Tenerife Licita project promoted by Turismo de Tenerife and the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is promoting new alliances with Colombia. As part of this activity, a delegation of representatives of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities has visited Tenerife with the aim of learning about the tourist development of the island as a leading destination, as well as its infrastructures and business network with a view to establishing agreements that will enable projects to be undertaken in the Latin American market.

The delegation of the Colombian federation, which is composed of two of its top officials, Luis David Garnica, director of Territorial Development and Cooperation, and Sandra Milena Tapias, director of the Transit System, as well as the mayor of the municipality of Soatá, Lisseth Carolina Torres, arrived last Monday and is fulfilling a busy schedule of meetings and visits, both to island institutions and to companies associated with the internationalization platform of Tenerife, such as Turismo de Tenerife, Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (ITER), Proyectran and Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife (TITSA), among others.

Within this roadmap, the Councilor for External Action of the Cabildo, Delia Herrera, and the CEO of Turismo de Tenerife, Vicente Dorta, received this South American delegation with whom they held a working meeting where special emphasis was placed on the strength of the companies participating in Tenerife Licita which, over the last few years, have developed projects in more than 50 countries.

A strategic ally

The Councilor for External Action highlighted the work that the Cabildo of Tenerife is developing in Africa, "where Colombia can have a strategic ally that will allow it, hand in hand with the creation of consortiums with Tenerife companies, to address the many opportunities generated by development banks and multilateral organizations in the neighboring continent".

The CEO of Tourism showed this potential strategic partner in Ibero-America how, through public-private cooperation, Tenerife has positioned itself as a leading destination with almost six million tourists a year. He also highlighted the Island's experience in the regeneration of public tourist areas to improve the quality of the destination and make it more competitive. In this regard, he pointed out that Tenerife has been a reference in the 'IV World Urban Tourism Summit', where more than 40 countries participated.

In this line, the representatives of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities will hold a meeting with the main tourist municipalities of the Island with the aim of establishing an exchange of good practices, success stories or significant projects, that is, a first-hand view of the actions carried out in a first-class international tourist destination, such as Tenerife.

The contacts of the Colombian delegates will be extended these days with the heads of the companies of ITER, Proyectran and TITSA, with whom they will review the possibilities that are open for the realization of new projects in the South American country through international tenders, and with other firms registered in Tenerife Licita, some with previous experience of executions not only in Colombia, but also in other countries of its South American environment, and that have left a mark of solvency and prestige that fully benefits the internationalization vocation of the firms of the Island.

The reverse mission of the Colombian Federation of Municipalities is preceded by another recent one carried out by Tenerife Licita in the course of a trade mission of the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the Latin American state to sound out the market for its public works, which resulted in important contacts that will serve to bring the associated companies of Tenerife's internationalization platform closer to the Colombian domestic market. This country registers an important transformation and modernization of its infrastructures and a sustained growth in its economy, confirmed by the data of the third quarter of the current fiscal year, with an increase of 2.7% of its GDP, one percentage point more than during the same period of 2017, in line with the target of 2.5% per year set by the government of Bogota.

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